I am a proud New Mexican who calls District 2 of Albuquerque home. I am a product of New Mexico’s public schools. My mom has been a public school teacher for over 30 years and my dad’s a plumber. My dad taught me how to work with my hands and my mom taught me the value of COMMUNITY service. When I was in High School, at just 16 years old, I worked with the Public Works Department. We’d get up at the crack of dawn, hop in a truck, and we’d go around fixing stuff. We’d fill in potholes, clean the parks, and trim trees. That kind of work, done by three people in a truck, in the blazing sun, had a bigger impact on PEOPLES day than anything that happens in the Roundhouse or Washington. I went on to study Theories of Constitutional Interpretation, Economics and Public Policy Problems at the new mexico State University. Right now, I’m specializing in environmental law and water law at University of New Mexico School of Law.


Throughout my college career, I had opportunities to try new things, including internships in the Roundhouse and with the State Department in Scotland. My experience also includes roles within the New Mexico Economic Development Department and the United States Senate.

Since completing my degrees, I have been working tirelessLY to benefit the lives of New Mexicans I’m currently  President of the statewide Young Democrats of NM. I have worked to grow our bench and campaigned for strong diverse leaders. I was proud to work as A City Economist, applying my background in labor force and resource- based economics to solve real-world issues facing New Mexicans. I helped built the first of its kind job placement website and software that kept recent NM graduates from leaving home. I currently serve on the air Quality Control Board. I have fought for issues including advocacy for immigrant communities, environmental law, at-risk youth, and serving as an economic development specialist to keep young New Mexicans and local business here in New Mexico.