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Public Safety:

  • Dedicate $350,000 in direct funding for behavioral health units and staff to support officers downtown in order to connect current transient/troubled  individuals with city services.

  • Invest in a full time substation downtown or the west side of 4th street to serve as the operation point for officers and health/social workers to begin and end from.

  • Commit to Mayors goal of 1300 officers and support FTO with bikes and vehicles to be parked in different neighborhoods.

  • Close the community gap between officers and neighborhoods by having community walks once every month to two months around different areas so that neighborhood associations can detail specific issues to the officers tasked with patrolling the area.

  • Leverage app technology to have businesses update officers throughout the week on the amount of incidents experienced inside, or on the entry, of their business.

  • Establish blue iron drop box in each District 2 park (potentially citywide) for safe disposal of needles and so individuals cannot break it.

  • Reform parking code for the permiter of parks to allow set amount of food trucks to service high traffic areas on weekends

  • Have a part time position created in the office of Parks/Environmental Health for the purposes of “sharp sweeps” at the end of each week. This person would also manage scheduled trainings for neighborhood associations to safely dispose of needles.

Homelessness and Addiction:

  • Dedicate funding to support and sustain the 24/7 triage center proposed by Mayor Keller.

  • Invest in mobile units to assist transient to nearest center.

  • Combine county city resources to have a citywide partnership on needle clean up and addiction outreach

  • Form county city task force on opioid Addiction in ABQ to establish data foundation for policy decisions

Economic Development:

  • Citywide labor force plan to retain juniors, seniors, and recent college graduates to transition to a position in public or private sectors of guaranteed growth for our city (healthcare, gov, tech, creative arts)

  • Combine IRB and County support to provide entry for local businesses to move downtown in empty storefronts. 7 year commitment.

  • Provide bond option for student loan relief to people who commit 5 years to ABQ with a 25-30 percent loan forgiveness and clawback provision.

  • Coordinate investments of land developing with historic and new neighborhoods. Balancing economic interest with character and identity of community

  • Revisit IDO and examine zones where homes have been zoned out

  • Establish support for micro lending with partnership for community artists and creative arts sector. Long term goal would be arts accelerator program for designers and creatives to understand how to manage, price, and sell their product.